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Seizure and forfeiture.

(1) The following are subject to seizure and forfeiture:
(a) Subject to RCW 82.24.250, any articles taxed in this chapter that are found at any point within this state, which articles are held, owned, or possessed by any person, and that do not have the stamps affixed to the packages or containers; any container or package of cigarettes possessed or held for sale that does not comply with this chapter; and any container or package of cigarettes that is manufactured, sold, or possessed in violation of RCW 82.24.570.
(b) All conveyances, including aircraft, vehicles, or vessels, which are used, or intended for use, to transport, or in any manner to facilitate the transportation, for the purpose of sale or receipt of property described in (a) of this subsection, except:
(i) A conveyance used by any person as a common or contract carrier having in actual possession invoices or delivery tickets showing the true name and address of the consignor or seller, the true name of the consignee or purchaser, and the quantity and brands of the cigarettes transported, unless it appears that the owner or other person in charge of the conveyance is a consenting party or privy to a violation of this chapter;
(ii) A conveyance subject to forfeiture under this section by reason of any act or omission of which the owner thereof establishes to have been committed or omitted without his or her knowledge or consent;
(iii) A conveyance encumbered by a bona fide security interest if the secured party neither had knowledge of nor consented to the act or omission.
(c) Any vending machine or commercial cigarette-making machine used for the purpose of violating the provisions of this chapter.
(d) Any cigarettes that are stamped, sold, imported, or offered or possessed for sale in this state in violation of RCW 70.158.030(3). For the purposes of this subsection (1)(d), "cigarettes" has the meaning as provided in RCW 70.158.020(3).
(2) Property subject to forfeiture under this chapter may be seized by any agent of the department authorized to collect taxes, any enforcement officer of the board, or law enforcement officer of this state upon process issued by any superior court or district court having jurisdiction over the property. Seizure without process may be made if:
(a) The seizure is incident to an arrest or a search under a search warrant or an inspection under an administrative inspection warrant; or
(b) The department, the board, or the law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that the property was used or is intended to be used in violation of this chapter and exigent circumstances exist making procurement of a search warrant impracticable.
(3) Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this section, articles taxed in this chapter which are in the possession of a wholesaler, licensed under Washington state law, for a period of time necessary to affix the stamps after receipt of the articles, are not considered contraband unless they are manufactured, sold, or possessed in violation of RCW 82.24.570.


Effective date2012 2nd sp.s. c 4: See note following RCW 82.24.030.
Conflict of lawSeverabilityEffective date2003 c 25: See RCW 70.158.900 and 70.158.901.
IntentFindingSeverabilityEffective date1999 c 193: See notes following RCW 82.24.035.
Severability1972 ex.s. c 157: See note following RCW 82.24.020.
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