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Washington compliance with streamlined sales and use tax agreementIntentReport.

(1) It is the intent of the legislature that Washington join as a member state in the streamlined sales and use tax agreement referred to in chapter 82.58 RCW. The agreement provides for a simpler and more uniform sales and use tax structure among states that have sales and use taxes. The intent of the legislature is to bring Washington's sales and use tax system into compliance with the agreement so that Washington may join as a member state and have a voice in the development and administration of the system, and to substantially reduce the burden of tax compliance on sellers.
(2) Chapter 168, Laws of 2003 does not include changes to Washington law that may be required in the future and that are not fully developed under the agreement. These include, but are not limited to, changes relating to online registration, reporting, and remitting of payments by businesses for sales and use tax purposes, monetary allowances for sellers and their agents, sourcing, and amnesty for businesses registering under the agreement.
(3) It is the intent of the legislature that the provisions of this title relating to the administration and collection of state and local sales and use taxes be interpreted and applied consistently with the agreement.
(4) The department of revenue shall report to the fiscal committees of the legislature by January 1st of the year immediately following any year during which the streamlined sales and use tax agreement is amended, if legislation is required to keep Washington in compliance with the agreement.


Part headings not lawSavingsEffective dateSeverability2007 c 6: See notes following RCW 82.32.020.
FindingsIntent2007 c 6: See note following RCW 82.14.390.
Part headings not law2003 c 168: See note following RCW 82.08.010.
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