Chapter 82.02 RCW



HTMLPDF 82.02.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 82.02.020State preempts certain tax fieldsFees prohibited for the development of land or buildingsVoluntary payments by developers authorizedLimitationsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 82.02.030Additional tax rates.
HTMLPDF 82.02.040Authority of operating agencies to levy taxes.
HTMLPDF 82.02.050Impact feesIntentLimitations.
HTMLPDF 82.02.060Impact feesLocal ordinancesRequired provisionsExemptions.
HTMLPDF 82.02.070Impact feesRetained in special accountsLimitations on useAdministrative appeals.
HTMLPDF 82.02.080Impact feesRefunds.
HTMLPDF 82.02.090Impact feesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 82.02.100Impact feesException, mitigation fees paid under chapter 43.21C RCW.
HTMLPDF 82.02.110Impact feesExtending use of school impact fees.
HTMLPDF 82.02.200Contract to issue conditional federal employer identification numbers, credentials, and documents in conjunction with license applications.
HTMLPDF 82.02.210Washington compliance with streamlined sales and use tax agreementIntentReport.
HTMLPDF 82.02.220Exclusion of steam, electricity, or electrical energy from definition of certain terms.
HTMLPDF 82.02.230One statewide rate and one jurisdiction-wide rate for sales and use taxes.
HTMLPDF 82.02.240Professional employer organizationsLiability for certain taxes and fees.
HTMLPDF 82.02.250NexusRequirement to pay taxes and fees.
HTMLPDF 82.02.260Seller obligation to collect sales taxes.