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PermitsAcquisition of carrier holding permitCommission approvalDuties on cessation of operation.

Permits issued under this chapter are neither irrevocable nor subject to transfer or assignment except upon a proper showing that property rights might be affected thereby, and then in the discretion of the commission.
Any person, partnership, or corporation, singly or in combination with any other person, partnership, or corporation, whether a household goods carrier holding a permit or otherwise, or any combination of such, shall not acquire control or enter into any agreement or arrangement to acquire control of a household goods carrier holding a permit through ownership of its stock or through purchase, lease, or contract to manage the business, or otherwise, except after and with the approval and authorization of the commission. However, upon the dissolution of a partnership, which holds a permit, because of the death, bankruptcy, or withdrawal of a partner where the partner's interest is transferred to his or her spouse or to one or more remaining partners, or in the case of a corporation which holds a permit, in the case of the death of a shareholder where a shareholder's interest upon death is transferred to his or her spouse or to one or more of the remaining shareholders, the commission shall transfer the permit to the newly organized partnership that is substantially composed of the remaining partners, or continue the corporation's permit without hearing and protest. In all other cases, any transaction either directly or indirectly entered into without approval of the commission is void, and it is unlawful for any person seeking to acquire or divest control of the permit to be a party to the transaction without approval of the commission.
Every carrier who ceases operation and abandons his or her rights under the permits issued to him or her shall notify the commission within thirty days of the cessation or abandonment.
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