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Tariffs to be compiled and sold.

The commission shall make, fix, construct, compile, promulgate, publish, and distribute tariffs containing compilations of rates, charges, classifications, rules, and regulations to be used by all household goods carriers. In compiling these tariffs, the commission shall include within any given tariff compilation the carriers, groups of carriers, commodities, or geographical areas it determines are in the public interest. The compilations and publications may be made by the commission by compiling the rates, charges, classifications, rules, and regulations now in effect, and as they may be amended and altered from time to time after notice and hearing, by issuing and distributing revised pages or supplements to the tariffs or reissues of tariffs in accordance with the orders of the commission. The commission, upon good cause shown, may establish temporary rates, charges, or classification changes which may be made permanent only after publication in an applicable tariff for not less than sixty days and a determination by the commission that the rates, charges, or classifications are just, fair, and reasonable. If a shipper or common carrier, or representative of either, files a protest with the commission, within sixty days from the date of publication, stating that the temporary rates are unjust, unfair, or unreasonable, the commission must hold a hearing to consider the protest. Publication of these temporary rates in the tariff is adequate public notice. The commission may, upon notice and hearing, fix and determine just, fair, and reasonable rates, charges, and classifications. Each common carrier shall purchase from the commission and post tariffs applicable to its authority. The commission shall set fees for the sale, supplements, and corrections of the tariffs at rates to cover all costs of making, fixing, constructing, compiling, promulgating, publishing, and distributing the tariffs. The proper tariff, or tariffs, applicable to a carrier's operations must be available to the public at each agency and office of all common carriers operating within this state. The compilations and publications must be sold by the commission for the established fee. However, copies may be furnished for free to other regulatory bodies and departments of government and to colleges, schools, and libraries. All copies of the compilations, whether sold or given for free, must be issued and distributed under rules fixed by the commission. The commission may by order authorize common carriers to publish and file tariffs with the commission and be governed by the tariffs in respect to certain designated commodities and services when, in the opinion of the commission, it is impractical for the commission to make, fix, construct, compile, publish, and distribute tariffs covering such commodities and services.
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