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Household goods carriersPermit required, penalty, cease and desist orders.

(1) No person shall engage in business as a household goods carrier without first obtaining a household goods carrier permit from the commission.
(2) Permits issued to any household goods carrier must be exercised by the carrier to the fullest extent to render reasonable service to the public. Applications for household goods carrier permits or permit extensions must be on file for a period of at least thirty days before issuance unless the commission finds that special conditions require earlier issuance.
(3) The commission must issue a permit or permit extension to any qualified applicant, authorizing the whole or any part of the operations covered by the application, if it is found that: The applicant is fit, willing, and able to perform the services proposed and conform to this chapter and the requirements, rules, and regulations of the commission; the operations are consistent with the public interest; and, in the case of common carriers, they are required by the present or future public convenience and necessity; otherwise, the application must be denied.
(4) Any person who engages in business as a household goods carrier in violation of subsection (1) of this section is subject to a penalty of up to five thousand dollars per violation.
(a) If the basis for the violation is advertising, each advertisement reproduced, broadcast, or displayed via a particular medium constitutes a separate violation.
(b) In deciding the amount of penalty to be imposed per violation, the commission shall consider the following factors:
(i) The carrier's willingness to comply with the requirements of RCW 81.80.070 and the commission's rules under this chapter; and
(ii) The carrier's history with respect to compliance with this section.
(5) Any person who engages in business as a household goods carrier in violation of a cease and desist order issued by the commission under RCW 81.04.510 is subject to a penalty of up to ten thousand dollars per violation.
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