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Local regulatory powers listed.

To protect the public health, safety, and welfare, cities, towns, counties, and port districts of the state may license, control, and regulate privately operated taxicab transportation services operating within their respective jurisdictions. The power to regulate includes:
(1) Regulating entry into the business of providing taxicab transportation services;
(2) Requiring a license to be purchased as a condition of operating a taxicab and the right to revoke, cancel, or refuse to reissue a license for failure to comply with regulatory requirements;
(3) Controlling the rates charged for providing taxicab transportation service and the manner in which rates are calculated and collected, including the establishment of zones as the basis for rates;
(4) Regulating the routes of taxicabs, including restricting access to airports;
(5) Establishing safety, equipment, and insurance requirements; and
(6) Any other requirements adopted to ensure safe and reliable taxicab service.
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