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Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions and general provisions in this section govern the construction of this chapter:
(1) Subject to the exclusions of RCW 81.70.030, "charter party carrier" means every person engaged in the transportation over any public highways in this state of a group of persons, who, pursuant to a common purpose and under a single contract, acquire the use of a motor vehicle to travel together as a group to a specified destination or for a particular itinerary, either agreed upon in advance or modified by the chartered group after leaving the place of origin;
(2) "Commission" means the Washington utilities and transportation commission;
(3) "Customer" means a person, corporation, or other entity that prearranges for transportation services with a charter party carrier or purchases a ticket for transportation services aboard an excursion service carrier;
(4) "Double-decker bus" means a motor vehicle with more than one passenger deck. A person using a double-decker bus must comply with the maximum height vehicle requirements contained in RCW 46.44.020;
(5) Subject to the exclusion of RCW 81.70.030, "excursion service carrier" means every person engaged in the transportation of persons for compensation over any public highway in this state from points of origin within the incorporated limits of any city or town or area, to any other location within the state of Washington and returning to that origin. The service must not pick up or drop off passengers after leaving and before returning to the area of origin. The excursions may be regularly scheduled. Compensation for the transportation offered or afforded must be computed, charged, or assessed by the excursion service company on an individual fare basis;
(6) "Motor vehicle" means every self-propelled vehicle with seating capacity for seven or more persons, excluding the driver;
(7) Subject to the exclusions of RCW 81.70.030, "party bus" means any motor vehicle whose interior enables passengers to stand and circulate throughout the vehicle because seating is placed around the perimeter of the bus or is nonexistent and in which food, beverages, or entertainment may be provided. A motor vehicle configured in the traditional manner of forward-facing seating with a center aisle is not a party bus. A person engaged in the transportation of persons by party bus over any public highway in this state is considered engaging in the business of a charter party carrier or excursion service carrier;
(8) "Permit holder" means a holder of an appropriate special permit issued under chapter 66.20 RCW who is twenty-one years of age or older and who is responsible for compliance with the requirements of RCW 81.70.380 and chapter 66.20 RCW during the provision of transportation services;
(9) "Person or persons" means an individual, a corporation, association, joint stock association, and partnership, their lessees, trustees, or receivers;
(10) "Public highway" includes every public street, road, or highway in this state.


Reviser's note: The definitions in this section have been alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.08.015(2)(k).
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