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The definitions set forth in this section apply throughout this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
(1) "Corporation" means a corporation, company, association, or joint stock association.
(2) "Person" means an individual, firm, or a copartnership.
(3) "Auto transportation company" means every corporation or person, their lessees, trustees, receivers, or trustees appointed by any court whatsoever, owning, controlling, operating, or managing any motor-propelled vehicle used in the business of transporting persons and their baggage on the vehicles of auto transportation companies carrying passengers, for compensation over any public highway in this state between fixed termini or over a regular route, and not operating exclusively within the incorporated limits of any city or town.
(4) "Public highway" means every street, road, or highway in this state.
(5) The words "between fixed termini or over a regular route" mean the termini or route between or over which any auto transportation company usually or ordinarily operates any motor-propelled vehicle, even though there may be departure from the termini or route, whether the departures are periodic or irregular. Whether or not any motor-propelled vehicle is operated by any auto transportation company "between fixed termini or over a regular route" within the meaning of this section is a question of fact, and the finding of the commission thereon is final and is not subject to review.


Severability1979 c 111: See note following RCW 46.74.010.
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