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A private, nonprofit transportation provider may not operate in this state without first having obtained from the commission under this chapter a certificate. Any right, privilege, or certificate held, owned, or obtained by a private, nonprofit transportation provider may be sold, assigned, leased, transferred, or inherited as other property only upon authorization by the commission. The commission shall issue a certificate to any person or corporation who files an application, in a form to be determined by the commission, which sets forth:
(1) Satisfactory proof of its status as a private, nonprofit corporation;
(2) The kind of service to be provided;
(3) The number and type of vehicles to be operated, together with satisfactory proof that the vehicles are adequate for the proposed service and that drivers of such vehicles will be adequately trained and qualified;
(4) Satisfactory proof of insurance or surety bond, in accordance with RCW 81.66.050.
The commission may deny a certificate to a provider who does not meet the requirements of this section. Each vehicle of a private, nonprofit transportation provider must carry a copy of the provider's certificate.


Severability1979 c 111: See note following RCW 46.74.010.
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