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Traffic control devices during construction, repair, etc. of crossing or overpassStandards and conditions.

All traffic control devices used under RCW 81.53.400 shall be subject to the following conditions:
(1) Any traffic control devices shall be used at a repair or construction site only so long as the devices are needed or applicable. Any devices that are no longer needed or applicable shall be removed or inactivated so as to prevent confusion;
(2) All barricades, signs, and similar devices shall be constructed and installed in a workmanlike manner;
(3) Bushes, weeds, or any other material or object shall not be allowed to obscure any traffic control devices;
(4) All signs, barricades, and other control devices intended for use during hours of darkness shall be adequately illuminated or reflectorized, with precautions taken to protect motorists from glare; and
(5) Flagpersons shall be provided where necessary to adequately protect the public and railroad employees. The flagpersons shall be responsible and competent and possess at least average intelligence, vision, and hearing. They shall be neat in appearance and courteous to the public.
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