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Line or canal across or along watercourses.

Every corporation formed under the laws of this state for the construction of railroads or canals shall possess the power to construct its railway or canal, as the case may be, across, along or upon any river, stream of water, watercourses, plank road, turnpike or canal, which the route of such railway or canal shall intersect or touch; but such corporation shall restore the river, stream, watercourse, plank road or turnpike thus intersected or touched to its former state as near as may be, and pay any damages caused by such construction: PROVIDED, That the construction of any railway or canal by such corporation along, across or upon any of the navigable rivers or waters of this state shall be in such manner as to not interfere with, impede or obstruct the navigation thereof; and all rights, privileges and powers of every description by law conferred upon road or railroad companies are hereby given and granted to canal companies so far as the same may be applicable, and all power and authority possessed by the public or municipal corporations of the state or their local authorities, with reference to road or railroad companies, may be exercised by them with reference to canal companies.
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