Chapter 81.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 81.28.010Duties as to rates, services, and facilities.
HTMLPDF 81.28.020Duty of carriers to expedite traffic.
HTMLPDF 81.28.030Routing of freightConnecting companiesDamages.
HTMLPDF 81.28.040Tariff schedules to be filed with commissionPublic schedulesCommission's powers as to schedules.
HTMLPDF 81.28.050Tariff changesNoticeExceptionWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
HTMLPDF 81.28.060Joint rates, contracts, etc.
HTMLPDF 81.28.080Published rates to be chargedExceptionsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 81.28.180Rate discrimination prohibited.
HTMLPDF 81.28.190Unreasonable preferences and prejudices prohibited.
HTMLPDF 81.28.200Long and short haul.
HTMLPDF 81.28.210Transportation at less than published ratesRebatingFalse representation.
HTMLPDF 81.28.220Action for treble damages.
HTMLPDF 81.28.230Commission to fix just, reasonable, and compensatory rates.
HTMLPDF 81.28.240Commission may order improved facilities and service.
HTMLPDF 81.28.250Investigation and determination of interstate ratesApplication for federal relief.
HTMLPDF 81.28.260Bicycles as baggage on commercial ferries.
HTMLPDF 81.28.270Limitation of action for collection of transportation charges.
HTMLPDF 81.28.280Reports of wrecks, etc.
HTMLPDF 81.28.290Investigation of accidents, wrecks.
HTMLPDF 81.28.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Charges, prohibition against discrimination: State Constitution Art. 12 § 15.
Common carrier may bridge state waterway: RCW 79.110.130.
Constitutional limitations generally: State Constitution Art. 12.
Department of transportation as common carrier: RCW 47.60.220.
Free transportation to public officers prohibited: State Constitution Art. 2 § 39.
Legislature may establish maximum rates for transportation: State Constitution Art. 12 § 18.
Lien for transportation, storage, etc.: Chapter 60.60 RCW.
Monopolies and trusts prohibited: State Constitution Art. 12 § 22.
Municipal transportation systems: Title 35 RCW.
Regulation of common carriers: State Constitution Art. 12 § 13.