Chapter 81.24 RCW



81.24.010Companies to file reports of gross revenue and pay feesExempt companies.
81.24.020Fees of auto transportation companiesStatement filing.
81.24.030Fees of every commercial ferryStatement filing.
81.24.050Fees to approximate reasonable cost of regulation.
81.24.060Intent of legislatureRegulatory cost records to be kept by commission.
81.24.070Disposition of fees.
81.24.075Delinquent fee payments.
81.24.080Penalty for failure to pay feesDisposition of fees and penalties.
81.24.090Pipeline safety feeReportsProcedure to contest feesRegulatory incentive program.
81.24.100Mileage fees on stagesPenalty.


Corporations, annual license fees of public service companies: RCW 23B.01.570.
Highway user tax structure: Chapter 46.85 RCW.
Mileage fees on auto stages: RCW 81.24.100.