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(1) At any time, the commission or an interested person may file a complaint against a site operator alleging that the rates established pursuant to RCW 81.108.040 or 81.108.050 are not in conformity with the standards set forth in RCW 81.108.030 or that the site operator is otherwise not acting in conformity with the requirements of this chapter. Upon filing of the complaint, the commission shall cause a copy of the complaint to be served upon the site operator. The complaining party shall have the burden of proving that the maximum disposal rates determined pursuant to RCW 81.108.050 are not just, fair, reasonable, or sufficient. The hearing shall conform to the rules of practice and procedure of the commission for other complaint cases.
(2) The commission shall encourage alternate forms of dispute resolution to resolve disputes between a site operator and any other person regarding matters covered by this chapter.
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