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Commuter rail serviceVoter approval.

(1) Transit agencies and regional transit authorities may operate or contract for commuter rail service where it is deemed to be a reasonable alternative transit mode. A reasonable alternative is one whose passenger costs per mile, including costs of trackage, equipment, maintenance, operations, and administration are equal to or less than comparable bus, entrained bus, trolley, or personal rapid transit systems.
(2) A county may use funds collected under RCW 81.100.030 or 81.100.060 to contract with one or more transit agencies or regional transit authorities for planning, operation, and maintenance of commuter rail projects which: (a) Are consistent with the regional transportation plan; (b) have met the project planning and oversight requirements of RCW 81.104.100 and 81.104.110; and (c) have been approved by the voters within the service area of each transit agency or regional transit authority participating in the project. For transit agencies in counties adjoining state or international boundaries where the high capacity transportation system plan and financing plan propose a bistate or international high capacity transportation system, such voter approval shall be required from only those voters residing within the service area in the state of Washington. The phrase "approved by the voters" includes specific funding authorization for the commuter rail project.
(3) The utilities and transportation commission shall maintain safety responsibility for passenger rail service operating on freight rail lines. Agencies providing passenger rail service on lines other than freight rail lines shall maintain safety responsibility for that service.
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