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Regional transportation planning.

Where applicable, regional transportation plans and local comprehensive plans shall address the relationship between urban growth and an effective high capacity transportation system plan, and provide for cooperation between local jurisdictions and transit agencies.
(1) Regional high capacity transportation plans shall be included in the designated regional transportation planning organization's regional transportation plan review and update process to facilitate development of a coordinated multimodal transportation system and to meet federal funding requirements.
(2) Interlocal agreements between transit authorities, cities, and counties shall set forth conditions for assuring land uses compatible with development of high capacity transportation systems. These include developing sufficient land use densities through local actions in high capacity transportation corridors and near passenger stations, preserving transit rights-of-way, and protecting the region's environmental quality. The implementation program for high capacity transportation systems shall favor cities and counties with supportive land use plans. In developing local actions intended to carry out these policies cities and counties shall insure the opportunity for public comment and participation in the siting of such facilities, including stations or transfer facilities. Agencies providing high capacity transportation services, in cooperation with public and private interests, shall promote transit-compatible land uses and development which includes joint development.
(3) Interlocal agreements shall be consistent with state planning goals as set forth in chapter 36.70A RCW. Agreements shall also include plans for concentrated employment centers, mixed-use development, and housing densities that support high capacity transportation systems.
(4) Agencies providing high capacity transportation service and other transit agencies shall develop a cooperative process for the planning, development, operations, and funding of feeder transportation systems. Feeder systems may include existing and future intercity passenger systems and alternative technology people mover systems which may be developed by the private or public sector.
(5) Cities and counties along corridors designated in a high capacity transportation system plan shall enter into agreements with their designated regional transportation planning organizations, for the purpose of participating in a right-of-way preservation review process which includes activities to promote the preservation of the high capacity transportation rights-of-way. The regional transportation planning organization shall serve as the coordinator of the review process.
(a) Cities and counties shall forward all development proposals for projects within and adjoining to the rights-of-way proposed for preservation to the designated regional transportation planning organizations, which shall distribute the proposals for review by parties to the right-of-way preservation review process.
(b) The regional transportation planning organizations shall also review proposals for conformance with the regional transportation plan and associated regional development strategies. The designated regional transportation planning organization shall within ninety days compile local and regional agency comments and communicate the same to the originating jurisdiction and the joint regional policy committee.
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