Chapter 81.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 81.08.010Definition.
HTMLPDF 81.08.012"Evidence of indebtedness"Limitation of term.
HTMLPDF 81.08.020Control vested in state.
HTMLPDF 81.08.030Authority to issue.
HTMLPDF 81.08.040Prior to issuanceFiling requiredContents.
HTMLPDF 81.08.080Capitalization of franchise or merger contract prohibited.
HTMLPDF 81.08.090Accounting for disposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 81.08.100Issuance made contrary to this chapterPenalties.
HTMLPDF 81.08.110Penalty against company.
HTMLPDF 81.08.120Penalty against individual.
HTMLPDF 81.08.130Assumption of obligation or liabilityCompliance with filing requirements.
HTMLPDF 81.08.140State not obligated.
HTMLPDF 81.08.150Authority of commissionNot affected by requirements of this chapter.