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Local exchange company that serves less than two percent of state's access linesRegulatory exemptionsReporting requirements.

(1)(a) Except as provided in (b) of this subsection, the following do not apply to a local exchange company that serves less than two percent of the access lines in the state of Washington: RCW 80.04.080, 80.04.300 through 80.04.330, and, except for RCW 80.08.140, chapters 80.08, 80.12, and 80.16 RCW.
(b) Nothing in this subsection (1) shall affect the commission's authority over the rates, service, accounts, valuations, estimates, or determinations of costs, as well as the authority to determine whether any expenditure is fair, reasonable, and commensurate with the service, material, supplies, or equipment received.
(c) For purposes of this subsection, the number of access lines served by a local exchange company includes the number of access lines served in this state by any affiliate of that local exchange company.
(2) Any local exchange company for which an exemption is provided under this section shall not be required to file reports or data with the commission, except each such company shall file with the commission an annual report that consists of its annual balance sheet and results of operations, both presented on a Washington state jurisdictional basis. This requirement may be satisfied by the filing of information or reports and underlying studies filed with exchange carrier entities or regulatory agencies if the jurisdictionally separated results of operations for Washington state can be obtained from the information or reports. This subsection shall not be applied to exempt a local exchange company from an obligation to respond to data requests in an adjudicative proceeding in which it is a party.
(3) The commission may, in response to customer complaints or on its own motion and after notice and hearing, establish additional reporting requirements for a specific local exchange company.
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