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Chapter 8.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 8.25.010Pretrial statement of compensation to be paid in event of settlement.
HTMLPDF 8.25.020Payment to defray costs of evaluating offerAmount.
HTMLPDF 8.25.070Award of attorney's fees and witness fees to condemneeConditions to award.
HTMLPDF 8.25.073Award of costs in air space corridor acquisitionsConditions.
HTMLPDF 8.25.075CostsAward to condemnee or plaintiffConditions.
HTMLPDF 8.25.120Conclusions of appraisersOrder for production and exchange between parties.
HTMLPDF 8.25.210Special benefits to remaining propertyPurpose.
HTMLPDF 8.25.220Special benefits to remaining propertyOptionsElection by ownerConsent to creation of lien.
HTMLPDF 8.25.230Special benefits to remaining propertySatisfaction or release of lienTrialExpiration of lien by operation of law.
HTMLPDF 8.25.240Special benefits to remaining propertyJudgmentMaximum amountsOffsetsInterest.
HTMLPDF 8.25.250Special benefits to remaining propertyAttorney feesWitness fees.
HTMLPDF 8.25.260Special benefits to remaining propertyLien foreclosure proceedingsStay.
HTMLPDF 8.25.270Appointment of guardian ad litem for minors, alleged incapacitated personsProtection of interests.
HTMLPDF 8.25.280Valuation of public water systems.
HTMLPDF 8.25.290Condemnation final actionsNotice required"Final action" defined.


Property subject to unpaid or delinquent local improvement assessments: RCW 79.44.190.
Publication of notice: RCW 4.28.120.