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Claimants, payment ofConflicting claims.

Any person, corporation, state or county, claiming to be entitled to any money paid into court, as provided in RCW 8.20.010 through 8.20.140 may apply to the court therefor, and upon furnishing evidence satisfactory to the court that he, she, or it is entitled to the same, the court shall make an order directing the payment to such claimant the portion of such money as he, she, or it shall be found entitled to; but if, upon application, the court or judge thereof shall decide that the title to the land, real estate, premises, or other property specified in the application of such claimant was in such condition as to require that an action be commenced to determine the conflicting claims thereto, he or she shall refuse such order until such action is commenced and the conflicting claims to such land, real estate, premises, or other property be determined according to law.
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