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Objections to assessment roll.

Any person interested in any property assessed may without payment of any fee to the clerk of court file objections to such report at any time before the day set for hearing said roll. As to all property to the assessment of which objections are not filed as herein provided, default may be entered and the assessment confirmed by the court. On the hearing, the report of such commissioners shall be competent evidence and either party may introduce such other evidence as may tend to establish the right of the matter. The hearing shall be conducted as in other cases at law, tried by the court without a jury, and if it shall appear that the property of the objector is assessed more or less than it will be benefited or more or less than its proportionate share of the costs of the improvement, the court shall so find and also find the amount in which said property ought to be assessed, and the judgment shall be entered accordingly.
[ 1947 c 139 s 2; 1907 c 153 s 28; Rem. Supp. 1947 s 9242. Prior: 1905 c 55 ss 27, 28; 1893 c 84 ss 27, 28.]
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