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FindingsIntent2011 c 320.

(1) The legislature finds that there is an increasing demand for outdoor recreation opportunities and conservation measures on lands managed by the department of fish and wildlife, the department of natural resources, and the parks and recreation commission. Development and maintenance of outdoor recreation facilities and conservation of lands have not kept pace with this demand. This demand, combined with shrinking resources for management, has led to the degradation of our lands to the detriment of the recreating public and efforts to conserve our natural resources.
(2) The legislature further finds that the recreating public cannot readily discern which agency of the state is responsible for the management of particular state lands or which policies apply to those lands.
(3) It is the intent of this act to reform and improve access to and management of state lands on a sustainable basis for the recreating public by: Providing a motor vehicle access pass and access policies for state lands; recovering the cost incurred by the state for operations and management of recreation opportunities; providing resources to address the growing demand and impacts of outdoor recreationists and conservation of our natural resources; and providing effective education and enforcement of state land access policies.


Effective date2011 c 320: "Except for section 12 of this act, this act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and takes effect July 1, 2011." [ 2011 c 320 § 29.]
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