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The legislature finds that:
(1) State parks are a valuable asset to the people of the state of Washington, contributing to their health, education, and well-being;
(2) Well maintained state parks are an attraction and contribute significantly to the economic well-being of the state of Washington;
(3) Well maintained state parks encourage the appreciation of the natural resources and natural beauty of the state of Washington;
(4) There is an increasing demand for more state parks and more state parks services;
(5) There are individuals and groups who desire to contribute to the continued vitality of the state parks system;
(6) Providing a tax-deductible method for individuals and groups to contribute is an effective way of increasing available funds to improve the state parks system; and
(7) It is in the public interest to create a nonprofit foundation to provide such a method for individuals and groups to contribute to the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the state parks system.
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