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As used in this chapter:
"Commissioner" means the commissioner of public lands.
"Department" means the department of natural resources.
"Conservation purposes" include but are not limited to: (1) Maintaining, enhancing, or restoring ecological systems, including but not limited to aquatic, coastal, riparian, montane, and geological systems, whether such systems be unique or typical to the state of Washington; (2) maintaining exceptional scenic landscapes; (3) maintaining habitat for threatened, endangered, and sensitive species; (4) enhancing sites for primitive recreational purposes; and (5) outdoor environmental education.
"Low-impact public use" includes public recreation uses and improvements that do not adversely affect the resource values, are appropriate to the maintenance of the site in a relatively unmodified natural setting, and do not detract from long-term ecological processes.
"Management activities" may include limited production of income from forestry, agriculture, or other resource management activities, if such actions are consistent with the other purposes and requirements of this chapter.
"Natural resources conservation area" or "conservation area" means an area having the characteristics identified in RCW 79.71.020.
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