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Application of chapterEminent domain assessments.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all local improvements initiated after June 11, 1919, including assessments to pay the cost and expense of taking and damaging property by the power of eminent domain, as provided by law: PROVIDED, That in case of eminent domain assessments, it shall not be necessary to forward notice of the intention to make such improvement, but the eminent domain commissioners, authorized to make such assessment, shall, at the time of filing the assessment roll with the court in the manner provided by law, forward by registered or certified mail to the chief administrative officer of the agency using, occupying or having jurisdiction over the lands a notice of such assessment, and of the day fixed by the court for the hearing thereof: PROVIDED, That no assessment against the state's interest in tidelands or harbor areas shall be binding against the state if the commissioner of public lands shall file a disapproval of the same in court before judgment confirming the roll.
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