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Properties identified as "state capitol public and historic facilities."

For the purposes of RCW 79.24.720, 79.24.730, 43.01.090, 43.19.500, and 79.24.087, "state capitol public and historic facilities" includes:
(1) The east, west and north capitol campus grounds, Sylvester park, Heritage park, Marathon park, Centennial park, the Deschutes river basin commonly known as Capitol lake, the interpretive center, Deschutes parkway, and the landscape, memorials, artwork, fountains, streets, sidewalks, lighting, and infrastructure in each of these areas not including state-owned aquatic lands in these areas managed by the department of natural resources under RCW 79.105.010;
(2) The public spaces and the historic interior and exterior elements of the following buildings: The visitor center, the Governor's mansion, the legislative building, the John L. O'Brien building, the Cherberg building, the Newhouse building, the Pritchard building, the temple of justice, the insurance building, the Dolliver building, capitol court, and the old capitol buildings, including the historic state-owned furnishings and works of art commissioned for or original to these buildings; and
(3) Other facilities or elements of facilities as determined by the state capitol committee, in consultation with the department of enterprise services.
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