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Urban landsCooperative planning, development.

The purpose of this section is to foster cooperative planning among the state, the department, and local governments as to state-owned lands under the department's jurisdiction situated in urban areas.
At least once a year, prior to finalizing the department's urban land leasing action plan, the department and applicable local governments shall meet to review state and local plans and to coordinate planning in areas where urban lands are located. The department and local governments may enter into formal agreements for the purpose of planning the appropriate development of these state-owned urban lands.
The department shall contact those local governments which have planning, zoning, and land-use regulation authority over areas where urban lands under its jurisdiction are located so as to facilitate these annual or other meetings.
"Urban lands" as used in this section means those areas which within ten years are expected to be intensively used for locations of buildings or structures, and usually have urban governmental services.
"Local government" as used in this section means counties, cities, and towns having planning and land-use regulation authority.


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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