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Lease of state land for resource use derived from biomass.

The department is authorized to lease state lands for the purpose of the sale, exploration, collection, processing, storage, stockpiling, and conversion of biomass into energy or biofuels, the development of a biorefinery, or for any other resource use derived from biomass if the department is able to obtain a fair market rental return to the state or the appropriate constitutional or statutory trust and if the lease is in the best interest of the state and the affected trust, as follows:
(1) Leases authorized under this chapter may be entered into by public auction, in accordance with the provisions of RCW 79.13.140, or by negotiation.
(2) All leases must contain such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the department in accordance with the provision of chapter 126, Laws of 2010 and to ensure that removal of forest biomass is ecologically and operationally sustainable. Leases authorized under chapter 126, Laws of 2010 may be for a term of no more than fifty years.
(3) For leases that involve the development of biomass processing, biofuel manufacturing, or biomass energy production facilities, the department may include provisions for reduced rent until an approved plan of development is completed and the facility is operational, provided that provisions are included to require: (a) Adequate assurances to protect the department's interest in a future rental income stream; (b) the demonstration of reasonable progress consistent with an approved plan of development; and (c) a lump sum payment to the department in the amount of the difference between the fair market rent and the reduced rent, if the approved plan of development is not completed in the time required in the plan.
(4) The department may require the payment of production rent or other compensation for the use of the land and biomass materials on the land. If the department is not entering a supply contract under RCW 79.150.030 for any forest biomass to be supplied for the lease purposes from the leased land, then the department must require a royalty payment for the contribution to value of any product created by the lessee that is associated with forest biomass removed from the leased land in an amount fixed by the board.
(5) All lessees and their operations authorized under this section shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
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