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Contract harvestingSpecial appraisal practices.

The board of natural resources must determine whether any special appraisal practices are necessary for logs sold by the contract harvesting processes, and if so, must adopt the special appraisal practices or procedures. In its consideration of special appraisal practices, the board of natural resources must consider and adopt procedures to rapidly market and sell any log sorts that failed to receive the required minimum bid at the original auction, which may include allowing the department to set a new appraised value for the unsold sort.
The board of natural resources must establish and adopt policy and procedures by which the department evaluates and selects certified contract harvesters. The procedures must include a method whereby a certified contract harvester may appeal a decision by the department or board of natural resources to not include the certified contract harvester on the list of approved contract harvesters.


FindingsSeverability2003 c 313: See notes following RCW 79.15.500.
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