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Terms of harbor area leases.

Applications, leases, and bonds of lessees shall be in such a form as the department shall prescribe. Every lease shall provide that the rental shall be payable to the department, and for cancellation by the department upon sixty days' written notice for any breach of the conditions. Every lessee shall furnish a bond, with surety satisfactory to the department, with such penalty as the department may prescribe, but not less than five hundred dollars, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the terms of the lease and the payment of the rent when due. If the department at any time deems any bond insufficient, it may require the lessee to file a new and sufficient bond within thirty days after receiving notice to do so.
Applications for leases of harbor areas upon tidal waters shall be accompanied by plans and drawings and other data concerning the proposed wharves, docks, or other structures or improvements as the department shall require. Every lease of harbor areas shall provide that, wharves, docks, or other conveniences of navigation and commerce adequate for the public needs, to be specified in the lease, shall be constructed within the time as may be fixed in each case by the department. In no case shall the construction be commenced more than two years from the date of the lease and shall be completed within such reasonable time as the department shall fix, any of which times may be extended by the department either before or after their expiration, and the character of the improvements may be changed either before or after completion with the approval of the department. However, if in its opinion improvements existing upon such harbor area or the tidelands adjacent thereto are adequate for public needs of commerce and navigation, the department shall require the maintenance of existing improvements and need not require further improvements.
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