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Voluntary vessel turn-in program.

(1) The department may develop and administer a voluntary vessel turn-in program.
(2) The purpose of the vessel turn-in program is to allow the department to dismantle and dispose of vessels that pose a high risk of becoming a derelict vessel or abandoned vessel, but that do not yet meet the definition of those terms. The department shall design the program with the goal of dismantling and disposing of as many vessels as available resources allow, particularly those vessels posing the greatest risk of becoming abandoned or derelict in the future.
(3) The department shall disseminate information about the vessel turn-in program, including information about the application process, on its internet site and through appropriate agency publications and information sources as determined by the department. The department shall disseminate this information for a reasonable time as determined by the department prior to accepting applications.
(4) The department shall accept and review vessel turn-in program applications from eligible vessel owners, including private marinas that have gained legal title to a vessel in an advanced state of disrepair, during the time period or periods identified by the department. In order to be eligible for the vessel turn-in program, an applicant must demonstrate to the department's satisfaction that the applicant:
(a) Is a Washington resident or business;
(b) Owns a vessel that is in an advanced state of disrepair, has minimal or no value, and has a high likelihood of becoming an abandoned or derelict vessel; and
(c) Has insufficient resources to properly dispose of the vessel outside of the vessel turn-in program.
(5) Decisions regarding program eligibility and whether to accept a vessel for dismantling and disposal under the turn-in program are within the sole discretion of the department.
(6) The department may take other actions not inconsistent with this section in order to develop and administer the vessel turn-in program.
(7) The department may not spend more than two hundred thousand dollars in any one biennium on the program established in this section.
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