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Holding claim by geological, etc., surveyReport of survey.

Any geological, geochemical, or geophysical survey which reasonably involves a direct expenditure on or for the benefit of each claim of not less than the one hundred dollars worth of annual assessment work required under federal statute or regulations shall hold such claim for not more than two consecutive years or more than a total of five years: PROVIDED, That a written report of such survey shall be filed with the county auditor at the time annual assessment work is recorded as required under federal statute, and said written report shall set forth fully:
(1) The location of the survey performed in relation to the point of discovery or location notice and boundaries of the claim.
(2) The nature, extent, and cost of the survey.
(3) The date the survey was commenced and the date completed.
(4) The basic findings therefrom.
(5) The name, address, and professional background of the person or persons performing or conducting the survey.


Reports of geological, etc., surveys: Chapter 78.06 RCW.
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