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Salmon intertidal habitat restoration planning processTask forceReports.

(1) If a limiting factors analysis has been conducted under this chapter for a specific geographic area and that analysis shows insufficient intertidal salmon habitat, the department of fish and wildlife and the county legislative authorities of the affected counties may jointly initiate a salmon intertidal habitat restoration planning process to develop a plan that addresses the intertidal habitat goals contained in the limiting factors analysis. The fish and wildlife commission and the county legislative authorities of the geographic area shall jointly appoint a task force composed of the following members:
(a) One representative of the fish and wildlife commission, appointed by the chair of the commission;
(b) Two representatives of the agricultural industry familiar with agricultural issues in the geographic area, one appointed by an organization active in the geographic area and one appointed by a statewide organization representing the industry;
(c) Two representatives of environmental interest organizations with familiarity and expertise of salmon habitat, one appointed by an organization in the geographic area and one appointed by a statewide organization representing environmental interests;
(d) One representative of a diking and drainage district, appointed by the individual districts in the geographic area or by an association of diking and drainage districts;
(e) One representative of the lead entity for salmon recovery in the geographic area, appointed by the lead entity;
(f) One representative of each county in the geographic area, appointed by the respective county legislative authorities; and
(g) One representative from the office of the governor.
(2) Representatives of the United States environmental protection agency, the United States natural resources conservation service, federal fishery agencies, as appointed by their regional director, and tribes with interests in the geographic area shall be invited and encouraged to participate as members of the task force.
(3) The task force shall elect a chair and adopt rules for conducting the business of the task force. Staff support for the task force shall be provided by the Washington state conservation commission.
(4) The task force shall:
(a) Review and analyze the limiting factors analysis for the geographic area;
(b) Initiate and oversee intertidal salmon habitat studies for enhancement of the intertidal area as provided in RCW 77.85.230;
(c) Review and analyze the completed assessments listed in RCW 77.85.230;
(d) Develop and draft an overall plan that addresses identified intertidal salmon habitat goals that has public support; and
(e) Identify appropriate demonstration projects and early implementation projects that are of high priority and should commence immediately within the geographic area.
(5) The task force may request briefings as needed on legal issues that may need to be considered when developing or implementing various plan options.
(6) Members of the task force shall be reimbursed by the conservation commission for travel expenses as provided in RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
(7) The task force shall provide annual reports that provide an update on its activities to the fish and wildlife commission, to the involved county legislative authorities, and to the lead entity formed under this chapter.


Initiation of process2003 c 391 §§ 4 and 5: "The process established in sections 4 and 5 of this act shall be initiated as soon as practicable in Skagit county." [ 2003 c 391 § 7.]
SeverabilityEffective date2003 c 391: See notes following RCW 77.57.030.
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