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State oyster reserves management policyPersonal use harvestingInventoryManagement categoriesCultch permits.

It is the policy of the state to improve state oyster reserves so that they are productive and yield a revenue sufficient for their maintenance. In fixing the price of oysters and other shellfish sold from the reserves, the director shall take into consideration this policy. It is also the policy of the state to maintain the oyster reserves to furnish shellfish to growers and processors and to stock public beaches.
Shellfish may be harvested from state oyster reserves for personal use as prescribed by rule of the director.
The director shall periodically inventory the state oyster reserves and assign the reserve lands into management categories:
(1) Native Olympia oyster broodstock reserves;
(2) Commercial shellfish harvesting zones;
(3) Commercial shellfish propagation zones designated for long-term leasing to private aquaculturists;
(4) Public recreational shellfish harvesting zones;
(5) Unproductive land.
The director shall manage each category of oyster reserve land to maximize the sustained yield production of shellfish consistent with the purpose for establishment of each management category.
The commission shall develop an oyster reserve management plan, to include recommendations for leasing reserve lands, in coordination with the shellfish industry, by January 1, 1986.
The director shall protect, reseed, improve the habitat of, and replant state oyster reserves. The director shall also issue cultch permits and oyster reserve fishery licenses.
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