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State oyster reserves established.

The following areas are the state oyster reserves and are more completely described in maps and plats on file in the office of the commissioner of public lands and in the office of the auditor of the county in which the reserve is located:
1. Puget Sound Oyster Reserves:
(a) Totten Inlet reserves (sometimes known as Oyster Bay reserves), located in Totten Inlet, Thurston county;
(b) Eld Inlet reserves (sometimes known as Mud Bay reserves), located in Mud Bay, Thurston county;
(c) Oakland Bay reserves, located in Oakland Bay, Mason county;
(d) North Bay reserves (sometimes known as Case Inlet reserves), located in Case Inlet, Mason county.
2. Willapa Harbor Oyster Reserves:
(a) Nemah reserve, south and west sides of reserve located along Nemah River channel, Pacific county;
(b) Long Island reserve, located at south end and along west side of Long Island, Willapa Harbor, Pacific county;
(c) Long Island Slough reserve, located at south end and along east side of Long Island, Willapa Harbor, Pacific county;
(d) Bay Center reserve, located in the Palix River channel, extending from Palix River bridge to beyond Bay Center to north of Goose Point, Willapa Harbor, Pacific county;
(e) Willapa River reserve, located in the Willapa River channel extending west and up-river from a point approximately one-quarter mile from the blinker light marking the division of Willapa River channel and the North River channel, Willapa Harbor, Pacific county.
[ 1983 1st ex.s. c 46 § 78; 1955 c 12 § 75.24.010. Prior: 1949 c 112 § 54; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 5780-01. Formerly RCW 75.24.010.]
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