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Fish guards required on diversion devicesPenalties, remedies for failure.

(1) A diversion device used for conducting water from a lake, river, or stream for any purpose shall be equipped with a fish guard approved by the director to prevent the passage of fish into the diversion device. The fish guard shall be maintained at all times when water is taken into the diversion device. The fish guards shall be installed at places and times prescribed by the director upon thirty days' notice to the owner of the diversion device.
(2) Each day the diversion device is not equipped with an approved fish guard is a separate offense. If within thirty days after notice to equip a diversion device the owner fails to do so, the director may take possession of the diversion device and close the device until it is properly equipped. Expenses incurred by the department constitute the value of a lien upon the diversion device and upon the real and personal property of the owner. Notice of the lien shall be filed and recorded in the office of the county auditor of the county in which the action is taken.


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