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Determination as to whether construction is a hydraulic projectPreapplication determinationReview and comment periodWritten determination.

(1) A person proposing construction or other work landward of the ordinary high water line that will use, divert, obstruct, or change the natural flow or bed of state waters shall submit a permit application to the department. However, if a person is unsure about whether the work requires a permit, they may request a preapplication determination from the department. The department must evaluate the proposed work and determine if the work is a hydraulic project and, if so, whether a permit from the department is required to ensure adequate protection of fish life.
(2) The preapplication determination request must be submitted through the department's online permitting system and must contain:
(a) A description of the proposed project;
(b) A map showing the location of the project site; and
(c) Preliminary plans and specifications of the proposed construction or work, if available.
(3) The department shall provide tribes and local governments a seven calendar day review and comment period. The department shall consider all applicable written comments received before issuing a determination.
(4) The department shall issue a written determination, including the rationale for the decision, within twenty-one calendar days of receiving the request.
(5) Determinations made according to the provisions of this section are not subject to the requirements of chapter 43.21C RCW.


FindingIntent2019 c 290: See note following RCW 77.12.085.
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