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Aquatic invasive species prevention permitFeeExempt vessels.

(1) Washington state aquatic invasive species prevention permits are valid for one year beginning from the date that the permit is marked for activation unless otherwise directed by the department. The permits must be made available for purchase throughout the year through the department's automated licensing system consistent with RCW 77.32.050.
(2) The aquatic invasive species prevention permit fee for a nonresident registered vessel or seaplane as required under RCW 77.135.210 is twenty dollars.
(3) The aquatic invasive species prevention permit fee for a person commercially transporting a small vessel, registered vessel, seaplane, or commercial vessel as required under RCW 77.135.220 is twenty dollars.
(4) The department may adopt rules addressing conditions and costs of obtaining duplicate aquatic invasive species prevention permits.
(5) Permit fees collected under this section must be deposited into the aquatic invasive species management account created in RCW 77.135.200.
(6) Exemptions for aquatic invasive species prevention permits include:
(a) A military vessel or seaplane owned by the United States government; and
(b) A vessel clearly identified as being owned by any federal, tribal, state, or local government agency or other public corporations, and used primarily for governmental purposes.
(7)(a) The following nonresident aquatic conveyances are exempt from aquatic invasive species prevention permit requirements under this section while placed or operated on shared boundary waters of the state:
(i) Vessels having valid state of Idaho or Oregon registration or numbering; and
(ii) Seaplanes or commercial vessels having a valid Idaho or Oregon aquatic invasive species prevention or similar permit.
(b) The department may adopt by rule a regional reciprocity process to further exempt aquatic conveyances from permit requirements under this section in part or whole. A reciprocity system may be implemented only where the participating state or country does not require a Washington resident to purchase an equivalent permit.
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