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Aquatic conveyanceClean and drain requirementsEnforcementAdoption of rules.

(1) A person in possession of an aquatic conveyance must meet clean and drain requirements after the conveyance's use in or on a water body or property. A certificate of inspection is not needed to meet clean and drain requirements.
(2) A fish and wildlife officer or ex officio fish and wildlife officer may order a person transporting an aquatic conveyance not meeting clean and drain requirements to:
(a) Clean and drain the conveyance at the discovery site, if the department determines there are sufficient resources available; or
(b) Transport the conveyance to a reasonably close location where resources are sufficient to meet the clean and drain requirements.
(3) This section may be enforced immediately on the transportation of aquatic plants by registered vessels, small vessels, seaplanes, and commercial vessels. The department must adopt rules to implement all other aspects of clean and drain requirements, including:
(a) Other types of aquatic conveyances subject to this requirement;
(b) When transport of an aquatic conveyance is authorized if clean and drain services are not readily available at the last water body used; and
(c) Exemptions to clean and drain requirements where the department determines there is minimal risk of spreading invasive species.


Findings2014 c 202: See note following RCW 77.135.010.
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