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BiofoulingAgency rule-making authority.

(1) The owner or operator of a vessel covered by this chapter is required to ensure that the vessel under their ownership or control does not release biofouling into waters of the state except as authorized by this section.
(2) The department may adopt by rule standards and requirements governing the release of biofouling on vessels arriving or moored at a Washington port.
(3) The department shall adopt rules under subsection (2) of this section for adoption in consultation with a collaborative forum with advisors from regulated industries and the potentially affected parties including shipping interests, ports, shellfish growers, fisheries, environmental interests, interested citizens who have knowledge of the issues, and appropriate governmental representatives including the United States coast guard and the United States environmental protection agency. The rules must:
(a) Ensure that biofouling management poses minimal risk of release of nonindigenous species;
(b) Be based on the best available technology that is economically achievable; and
(c) Where practical and appropriate, be compatible with standards and requirements set by the United States coast guard, the United States environmental protection agency, or the international maritime organization.
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