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Withdrawal of state land from leaseCompensation.

Upon written request of the department, the department of natural resources may withdraw from lease state-owned lands described in the request. The request shall bear the endorsement of the county legislative authority if the lands were acquired under *RCW 76.12.030 or 76.12.080. Withdrawals shall conform to the state outdoor recreation plan. If the lands are held for the benefit of the common school fund or another fund, the department shall pay compensation equal to the lease value of the lands to the appropriate fund.


*Reviser's note: RCW 76.12.030 and 76.12.080 were recodified as RCW 79.22.040 and 79.22.020, respectively, by 2003 c 334 § 245.
Effective dateIntent, constructionSavingsSeverability1980 c 78: See notes following RCW 77.04.010.
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