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Surplus salmon report.

(1) The department shall prepare an annual surplus salmon report. This report shall include the disposition of adult salmonids that have returned to salmonid hatchery facilities operated under the jurisdiction of the state that:
(a) Have not been harvested; and
(b) Were not allowed to escape for natural spawning.
(2) The report shall include, by species, the number and estimated weight of surplus salmon and steelhead and a description of the disposition of the adult carcasses including, but not limited to, the following categories:
(a) Disposed in landfills;
(b) Transferred to another government agency for reproductive purposes;
(c) Sold to contract buyers in the round;
(d) Sold to contract buyers after spawning;
(e) Transferred to Native American tribes;
(f) Donated to food banks; and
(g) Used in stream nutrient enrichment programs.
(3) The report shall also include, by species, information on the number of requests for viable salmon eggs, the number of these requests that were granted and the number that were denied, the geographic areas for which these requests were granted or denied, and a brief explanation given for each denial of a request for viable salmon eggs.
(4) The report shall be included in the biennial state of the salmon report required by *RCW 77.85.020 and other similar state reports on salmon.
(5) The report shall include an assessment of the infrastructure needs and facility modifications necessary to implement chapter 337, Laws of 2001.


*Reviser's note: RCW 77.85.020 was amended by 2009 c 345 § 4, deleting the biennial state of the salmon report. RCW 77.85.020 now directs the recreation and conservation office to produce a biennial report.
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