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Persons eligible for appointment as director shall have practical knowledge of the habits and distribution of fish and wildlife. The director shall supervise the administration and operation of the department and perform the duties prescribed by law and delegated by the commission. The director shall carry out the basic goals and objectives prescribed under RCW 77.04.055. The director may appoint and employ necessary personnel. The director may delegate, in writing, to department personnel the duties and powers necessary for efficient operation and administration of the department.
Only persons having general knowledge of the fisheries and wildlife resources and of the commercial and recreational fishing industry in this state are eligible for appointment as director. The director shall not have a financial interest in the fishing industry or a directly related industry. The director shall receive the salary fixed by the governor under RCW 43.03.040.
The director is the ex officio secretary of the commission and shall attend its meetings and keep a record of its business.
[ 2000 c 107 § 205; 1995 1st sp.s. c 2 § 5 (Referendum Bill No. 45, approved November 7, 1995); 1993 sp.s. c 2 § 64; 1987 c 506 § 9; 1980 c 78 § 8; 1955 c 36 § 77.04.080. Prior: 1947 c 275 § 8; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 5992-18.]


Referral to electorate1995 1st sp.s. c 2: See note following RCW 77.04.013.
Effective date1995 1st sp.s. c 2: See note following RCW 43.17.020.
Effective date1993 sp.s. c 2 §§ 1-6, 8-59, and 61-79: See RCW 43.300.900.
Legislative findings and intent1987 c 506: See note following RCW 77.04.020.
Effective dateIntent, constructionSavingsSeverability1980 c 78: See notes following RCW 77.04.010.
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