Chapter 76.52 RCW



HTMLPDF 76.52.010Short title.
HTMLPDF 76.52.020Contracts with landowners.
HTMLPDF 76.52.030Extending department forest management services to landowners.
HTMLPDF 76.52.040Disposition of funds from landowners.

Short title.

This chapter shall be known and cited as the "cooperative forest management services act."

Contracts with landowners.

The department of natural resources may, by agreement, make available to forestland owners, equipment, materials, and personnel for the purpose of more intensively managing or protecting the land when the department determines that such services are not otherwise available at a cost which would encourage the landowner to so avail himself or herself, and that the use of department equipment, materials, or personnel will not jeopardize the management of state lands or other programs of the department. The department shall enter into a contractual agreement with the landowner for services rendered and shall recover the costs thereof.

Extending department forest management services to landowners.

The department may, by agreement, extend forest management services to private lands as a condition of carrying out such services on state lands when the private lands are adjacent to or in close proximity to the state lands being treated. The agreement shall include provisions requiring the parties to pay all costs attributable to the conducting of the services on their respective lands.

Disposition of funds from landowners.

Costs recovered by the department as a result of extending forest management practices to private lands shall be credited to the program or programs providing the services. The department will report by December 31 of each odd numbered year up to and including 1985 to the house and senate natural resources committees the private acres treated as a result of this chapter.