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Specialized forest products permitsRequiredInspection.

(1) Except as provided in RCW 76.48.211, a completed specialized forest products permit issued under this chapter is required prior to engaging in the following activities:
(a) Harvesting any specialized forest products from any lands, including his or her own land.
(b) Possessing or transporting any specialized forest products, unless the person has in his or her possession either of the following in lieu of a permit:
(i) A true copy of the permit;
(ii) If the person is transporting the specialized forest product from a location other than the harvest site or is a first or secondary specialized forest products buyer, a sales invoice, bill of lading, or, for the possession and transportation of Christmas trees only, an authorization if a copy of the authorization has been filed prior to the harvest of the Christmas trees with the sheriff's office for the county in which the Christmas trees are to be harvested;
(iii) A bill of lading or documentation issued in or by another state, a Canadian province, or the federal government indicating the true origin of the specialized forest products as being outside of Washington; or
(iv) If the products were harvested within the operational area defined by a valid forest practices application or notification under chapter 76.09 RCW, a sequentially numbered load ticket generated by the landowner or the landowner's agent that includes, at a minimum, all information required on a bill of lading and the forest practices application number.
(c) Selling, or offering for sale, any amount of raw or unprocessed huckleberries, regardless if the huckleberries were harvested with the consent of the landowner, unless the possessor of the huckleberries being offered for sale is able to show that the huckleberries originated on land owned by the United States forest service and displays a valid permit from the United States forest service that lawfully entitles the possessor to harvest the huckleberries in question.
(2)(a) Unless otherwise designated by the permittor as provided in this subsection, a permit or true copy must be readily available for inspection at each harvest site.
(b) An individual permit or true copy must be carried and made readily available for inspection by each individual permittee at a harvest site if the permittor designated an individual permit or true copy as an additional condition or limitation specified on the permit under RCW 76.48.081.


FindingIntent2009 c 245: See note following RCW 76.48.011.
Severability1995 c 366: See note following RCW 76.48.021.
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