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(1) Trees and other woody vegetation are a necessary and important part of community and urban environments. Community and urban forests have many values and uses including conserving energy, reducing air and water pollution and soil erosion, contributing to property values, attracting business, reducing glare and noise, providing aesthetic and historical values, providing wood products, and affording comfort and protection for humans and wildlife.
(2) As urban and community areas in Washington state grow, the need to plan for and protect community and urban forests increases. Cities and communities benefit from assistance in developing and maintaining community and urban forestry programs that also address future growth.
(3) Assistance and encouragement in establishment, retention, and enhancement of these forests and trees by local governments, citizens, organizations, and professionals are in the interest of the state based on the contributions these forests make in preserving and enhancing the quality of life of Washington's municipalities and counties while providing opportunities for economic development.
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