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Requisites of contract.

Any undertaking for the protection and development of the forestlands of the state under RCW 76.04.105 shall be regulated and controlled by a contract to be entered into between the private corporation and the department. The contract shall outline the lands involved and the conditions and details of the undertaking, including an exact specification of the amount of funds to be made available by the corporation and the time and manner of disbursement. Before entering into any such contract, the department shall be satisfied that the private corporation is financially solvent and will be able to carry out the project outlined in the contract. The department shall have charge of the project for the protection and development of the forestlands described in the contract, and any expense incurred by the department under any such contract shall be payable solely by the corporation from the funds provided by it for these purposes. The state of Washington shall not in any event be responsible to any person, firm, company, or corporation for any indebtedness created by any corporation under a contract pursuant to RCW 76.04.105.
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