Chapter 74.46 RCW



HTMLPDF 74.46.010Short titlePurposeFinding.
HTMLPDF 74.46.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 74.46.022Nursing facility medicaid payment systemEstablishing procedures, principles, and conditions.
HTMLPDF 74.46.024Pay-for-performance supplemental payment structureEstablishing procedures, principles, and conditions.
HTMLPDF 74.46.421Purpose of part ENursing facility medicaid payment rates.
HTMLPDF 74.46.441Public disclosure of rate-setting information.
HTMLPDF 74.46.475Submitted cost reportAnalysis and adjustment by department.
HTMLPDF 74.46.485Case mix method implementation.
HTMLPDF 74.46.496Case mix weightsDetermination.
HTMLPDF 74.46.501Average case mix indexes determined quarterlyFacility average case mix indexMedicaid average case mix index.
HTMLPDF 74.46.531Department may adjust component ratesContractor may requestErrors or omissions.
HTMLPDF 74.46.541Skilled nursing facility safety net assessmentReimbursement of medicaid share.
HTMLPDF 74.46.551Facility-based payment ratesComparative analysisRate add-ons.
HTMLPDF 74.46.561Nursing home payment ratesSystem componentsQuality incentiveReimbursement of safety net assessmentRate reductions or increases limited.
HTMLPDF 74.46.562Indian health service or tribal facilitiesPayment rates.
HTMLPDF 74.46.571Nursing home payment ratesRules.
HTMLPDF 74.46.581Separate nursing facility quality enhancement account.
HTMLPDF 74.46.800Rule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 74.46.835AIDS pilot nursing facilityPayment for direct care.
HTMLPDF 74.46.840Conflict with federal requirements.
HTMLPDF 74.46.909Retrospective applicationClarification of chapter 8, Laws of 2001 1st sp. sess.2008 c 263.