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Quality improvement principles.

The department's system of quality improvement for long-term care services shall use the following principles, consistent with applicable federal laws and regulations:
(1) The system shall be client-centered and promote privacy, independence, dignity, choice, and a home or home-like environment for consumers consistent with chapter 392, Laws of 1997.
(2) The goal of the system is continuous quality improvement with the focus on consumer satisfaction and outcomes for consumers. This includes that when conducting licensing or contract inspections, the department shall interview an appropriate percentage of residents, family members, resident case managers, and advocates in addition to interviewing providers and staff.
(3) Providers should be supported in their efforts to improve quality and address identified problems initially through training, consultation, technical assistance, and case management.
(4) The emphasis should be on problem prevention both in monitoring and in screening potential providers of service.
(5) Monitoring should be outcome based and responsive to consumer complaints and based on a clear set of health, quality of care, and safety standards that are easily understandable and have been made available to providers, residents, and other interested parties.
(6) Prompt and specific enforcement remedies shall also be implemented without delay, pursuant to RCW 70.97.110, 71A.12.300, 74.39A.080, or 70.128.160, or chapter 18.51 or 74.42 RCW, for providers found to have delivered care or failed to deliver care resulting in problems that are serious, recurring, or uncorrected, or that create a hazard that is causing or likely to cause death or serious harm to one or more residents. These enforcement remedies may also include, when appropriate, reasonable conditions on a contract or license. In the selection of remedies, the safety, health, and well-being of residents shall be of paramount importance.
(7) Background checks of long-term care workers must be conducted as provided in RCW 74.39A.056.
(8) Except as provided in RCW 74.39A.074 and 74.39A.076, individual providers and home care agency providers must satisfactorily complete department-approved orientation, basic training, and continuing education within the time period specified by the department in rule. The department shall adopt rules to implement this section. The department shall deny payment to a consumer directed employer or a home care agency for services provided by employees who have not completed the training requirements within the time limit specified by department rules. The department shall deny payment to any individual providers who provide services under a contract with the department if they have been notified that they are no longer permitted to work because they have not completed the training requirements within the time period required by department rules.
(9) Under existing funds the department shall establish internally a quality improvement standards committee to monitor the development of standards and to suggest modifications.
[ 2018 c 278 § 7; 2012 c 164 § 701; 2012 c 1 § 106 (Initiative Measure No. 1163, approved November 8, 2011).]


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